"The Fans Are Our Award" Seb once said "Il Divo Are Our Awards" The Fans say

Il Divo 4 Ever support The Sebastien Izambard Fan Club and it's daughtersites

Sebastien Izambard

Official Fan Club


This is the fanclub for Sebastien Izambard. The fanclub support Seb in everything hi do and support also the charities AMTM (France) and Sanfilippo Childrens Foundation (Australia). Il Divo 4 Ever is a Affliate of the Fanclub!

Il Divo Fans For Charity




Il Divo Fans For Charity is a daughter of the Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club. They support the charities AMTM,Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.



Team Seb Street Team



Team Seb Street Team,Also a part of Sebastien Izambard Official Fan Club,is to help promote Sebastien's Solo project : his 2nd album!

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